15-low-cost ways to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal

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They say first impressions last. People judge the way something or somebody looks by just looking at it for a few seconds.  How do you get a passerby to get a good impression of your home? Having an attractive curb appeal can help a listing make a strong impression and assures the success of your…


They say first impressions last. People judge the way something or somebody looks by just looking at it for a few seconds. 

How do you get a passerby to get a good impression of your home? Having an attractive curb appeal can help a listing make a strong impression and assures the success of your rental property business. 


Here are some low-cost ways to boost your home’s curb appeal


1. Repaint the Door

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders on your door. A dirty, dull or plain front door is very uninviting. Whether the color is a personal preference or something that will compliment the house’s interior, repainting your door is a simple and cheap makeover that can help improve the exterior of your house.


2. Update your door’s hardware

 The focal point of most doors is its hardware. Door knobs, knockers, peephole, among others. Cheap hardware on an elegant door can still make it look cheap. Look for hardware that can make your front door stand out more. If you are more adventurous, you can raid a local vintage shop and search for antique door hardware that complements the beauty of your entryway.


3. Plant flowering plants

Get your gardening ideas into action by planting flowering plants. If you think you are planning to have your property listed in the market within the next few months or just want some vegetation in your house, planting different kinds of flowering plants would be a great addition to your curb appeal. Blooming flowers of different colors, butterflies and birds flying around can create a warmer, homier feel to your property.


4. Personalize or Stylize your House Number Design

House numbers are usually neglected, but it really makes a difference in making a property appeal more. Upgrading your house number doesn’t cost much. There are several ways on how you can improve your house number, just make sure it matches well with your front lawn. Some explore DIY ideas too.


5. Hide Unnecessary Items 

Untidy and unkempt cables, wirings, garbage bins, among others are some sort of an eyesore, even to some passersby. The easy trick in hiding these eyesores are camouflaging them, paint the wires or cables the same paint as your wall or fence as an example.


6. Place a Seating Area on your Porch

Front porches are great for relaxation, early morning coffees, reading nook and can even be a dining area. Do a little bit of styling on your front porch too. If you have any old chairs and tables, have them repainted or stained and place them on your front porch. You can even go to second-hand stores and get yourself some vintage tables and chairs.


7. Add Wooden Shutters

Adding wooden shutters to your windows can add a big improvement to your curb appeal. Some homeowners think that installing them can be costly, but it is not. More people nowadays are into doing a lot of DIYs and adding wooden shutters can be one of your self-starter projects.

Already have wooden shutters? Try repainting them, improve its appearance with a new coat of paint and select a different shade that will give a good contrast to your house’s exterior.


8. Window Plant Box

Install plant boxes in your windows. Cover it with some healthy plants, cute little succulents or colorful flowers. It adds color and life to your window sills and can boost the appearance of your house. They are not very difficult to build and are not a big dent in your budget.

Window treatments like these are sometimes unattainable to some properties. Before doing any window treatments, make sure that it is suitable for your house.


9. Spruce up your Porch Light

Getting the right porch light can change the feel of your home. Improving the lighting fixture is easy to do as well. You can be creative in selecting the lighting fixture or repaint the old one to give it a new look. Warm-colored lights can make your front porch more inviting and cozier.


10. Upgrade the Mailbox

Mailboxes are often right in front of your house and often have your house number in them. Upgrading your mailbox can help with your curb appeal. Either fix it if it’s already worn out or replace them. Try to be creative and surround your mailbox with cute plants too.


11. Landscape on a Budget

Landscaping doesn’t need to be expensive. Houses with good landscaping make a huge impact. Think simple and neat. Plant good looking plants and shrubs. Trim the grass and bushes. Add pieces of pots of different colors or sizes. Depending on how creative you are, you can make a great looking landscape at a fraction of a price.


12. Clean your Exterior

Mold, mildew, rust or stains are not really appealing. Make sure to clean your house’s exterior, it can be through power washing or soft washing. Remove all the grimes and hidden dirt before doing any upgrade like repainting. Who knows, by doing this, you might discover cobblestones, concrete pavements or tiles still in perfect condition.


13. Restore your Fence

Worn out and crooked fences are not a good sign of a well-maintained house. Replacing fences can be expensive, however, there are ways on how to maintain your fence and keep it in good shape without breaking your budget. Repainting or restaining your fence are some tricks you can do by yourself and can make your wooden fence look good as new.


14. Light up your house

A well-lit house can create a very cozy appearance. Make sure all your exterior light fixtures are working. Replace any worn out bulbs. Light up your path walk, driveway, landscaping, lawn, and backyard. Be creative with your lights as well. You can put string lights or fairy lights on your lawn or landscaping. 


15. Clean the Roof

The roof contributes to the overall appearance of your home. Learn how to properly clean your roof or get it done professionally. Having a clean roof not only helps with the aesthetics of your house but you are also maintaining it and keeping it from any damage.


Luckily, Green Ocean Property Management is a one-stop-shop property management that offers proactive maintenance services. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we are equipped with the best practices to reserve your property’s charm and appeal.



Email us at hello@greenoceanpropertymanagement.com or call 617-487-4868.

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