Our Guarantees to you

We are so confident in our ability to maximize the potential of your property provide you with peace of mind that we created the Green Ocean Property Management Guarantees:

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Not satisfied with our services? Don’t pay us. Simple! More than anything else, we love to get our landlords’ honest feedbacks. We let unlikely comments work to our advantage and…

we take it as a challenge to let this experience be even better for you. So if you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, let us know and we’ll surely resolve it right away! If you’re still not happy after rectifying, you don’t have to pay us.

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Guaranteed Tenant

We are highly confident that with our extensive and established listings, we will provide you a tenant within 30 days! And just so we don’t, 2 months of your management fees are on us!

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Placement Guarantee

We are confident that the tenants we provide for your property will stay for 12 months or more! In the event that the Tenant may move out with the owner’s approval or may get evicted,

we will cover the cost of looking for a new one. No need to pay a second Leasing fee.

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Profitability Guarantee

Our aim is to let your property get the fullest of its purpose and that is to provide you profit. You’ll get your returns faster than any property management. Find out how!

Other Offered Guarantees

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Resident Benefit Package


Tenants will be named as Additionally Insured under the Green Ocean Master Insurance Policy. Tenants would be responsible for any charged deductibles of $500 per incident for claims.

These features are included for $35.00 per month.

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Damage Assurance Guarantee


Part of our ways to maintain your property as a long term investment is to cover the extra cost of any repair bill and schedule all necessary repairs. Your property will be as good as you left it on its rental condition.

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Pet Lovers Guarantee


As much as we love pets at Green Ocean, we respect a Landlord’s choice of not allowing them in their property. But in the event that you do, and pet damages will be covered!

We will pay for any damages exceeding the security deposit caused by and approved animal. Optional Additional Pet Damage Protection is available up to $5000 of pet damage.
Pet add on – $30 per month
Pet Inspection – $150/inspection
Pet Violation – One Month’s Rent & $50/day

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Rent Protection Guarantee


One of the ways in adding value to your property is being responsible with the tenants we provide. Through our screening process, we make sure that your tenants are highly qualified and well-

oriented when it comes to following the lease. In the incident that the Tenant will fail to pay the rent, we’ll pay for it! We’ll pay the missed rent for the first month and arrange all necessary efforts to put it back on track.

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Additional Benefits

Tenant Screening Process

The tenant that fits perfectly to your preferences does exist! Part of our long term investment program is looking for the right tenant whom will call and treat your property their next home.

Rental Assistance Package

Our rate covers all necessary efforts to place a tenant! Photos, Video, Multichannel Advertising, Property Showings, Tenant Screening, Lease Preparation and the Co-Broker fees.

3D Virtual Home Tour

Green Ocean introduces a new way for tenant to view your property without being physically there. Yes, 3D Virtual Home Tours lets you go through the corners of your place by just scanning it through their mobile phones. Now this adds value!

Cleaning Services

This service is offered to both tenants and owners and will include an entire home maid service, and professional carpet cleaning.

Bi Annual Inspection

We ensure that your property is always in good condition by performing a Bi-annual property inspection.

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