What Makes a Room a Bedroom

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    A room doesn’t always equate to a bedroom. Why? Certain aspects make a room a bedroom. Read on to find out.   Table of Contents #1 A 7 ft. length or width#2 Heater#3 Window#4 Closet#5 Door #1 A 7 ft. length or width     You need a certain length or width of…

What Makes a Room a Bedroom



A room doesn’t always equate to a bedroom. Why? Certain aspects make a room a bedroom. Read on to find out.


#1 A 7 ft. length or width


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You need a certain length or width of at least 7 feet. That’s not a very big size bedroom, but it is the required size for a bedroom.


#2 Heater

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A bedroom needs a heater, whether it’s a radiator or HVAC forced air. You need to make sure that the room doesn’t fall below a certain room temperature.


#3 Window

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The most important part is the window. You need the window to be opened to a certain degree to allow air to come in the room to have circulation should the tenant need it.


#4 Closet


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You need to make sure that there’s a closet, typically at least 24 inches in depth, the length of it doesn’t matter as much.


#5 Door


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This 5th element is the most important because a door is essential not just for privacy but for the safety of tenants as well.


Those are the common or basic aspects of a bedroom. May it be in the attic or in the basement, as long as it has these aspects, it can be considered a bedroom.


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