Learn the difference between Emergency Repair vs. Maintenance Request

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Being a responsible landlord means responding to your tenant’s emergency repair and maintenance requests promptly.  Every landlord’s priority is to keep the property in its best condition to make sure their tenant is happy and satisfied. This will add value to their stay and urge them to stay longer. But when they make these requests,…

Emergency Repair vs. Maintenance Request

Being a responsible landlord means responding to your tenant’s emergency repair and maintenance requests promptly.  Every landlord’s priority is to keep the property in its best condition to make sure their tenant is happy and satisfied. This will add value to their stay and urge them to stay longer. But when they make these requests, how would you classify if it’s an emergency repair or a maintenance request? Knowing what is the best resolution to your tenant’s request will not only save you time but also money.


What’s the difference between Emergency Repair and Maintenance Request?


Tenants should also be aware of what type of request they will send to you. Some tenants think that all requests they make are emergencies. Both of you should have a clear understanding of what is an emergency repair and maintenance request. This way, issues like the doorknob is broken or the toilet is not flushing is categorized properly and necessary actions are done. This will also save you time as you know what is a priority issue and a need for a contractor to be dispatched.


Emergency Repairs

  • Leaks (roof leaks, sprinkler leaks, HVAC leaks, toilet, and kitchen leaks and overflows)
  • Electricity Outages (not caused by the power company or breakers)
  • The only Toilet in the house not working
  • No hot/cold water
  • Heat not working(when outside temps fall below a certain level) 
  • Life-Threatening situations (gas and carbon monoxide leaks)
  • Security and Safety issues


Concerns mentioned above may cause property damage and unbearable issues that may require Emergency Repairs. Landlords need to respond to these types of requests within 24 hours or faster to prevent any more damages from arising.


A top tip is to always have a local contractor willing to respond 24/7  saved on your contacts. That way If your tenants call and require an emergency repair, you can send one right away.


Examples of Maintenance Request


  • Flooring Issues ( cracked tiles, dirty carpet or ripped )
  • Windows/Doors will not open or shut properly
  • Paint/Wallpaper is peeling off
  • Minor Plumbing issues
  • Light fixture not working


There are more which can be added to this list. As a responsible landlord, you have to make sure that your rental property is habitable and should check your local requirements of what that means. You should prioritize any maintenance requests that can cause any health and safety concerns as well as damage to your property. Routine maintenance inspection of the property at least every 6 months can help lessen the unexpected tenant calls. Be mindful of the changing season too. For example, in the winter seasons, inspect doors and windows seals properly, sidewalks and path walks are safe.


Your tenants are capable of doing some maintenance too, like replacing the air conditioner filter, unclogging a toilet and resetting a breaker. 


When is it time to hire a Professional?


If you’re a handyman yourself, you can do some of the repairs around the house. Simple replacement of doorknobs, some paint jobs, and plumbing repairs too. However, if the job is quite big to carry out yourself or require a permit, it’s time to get a licensed professional. Creating a good relationship with established Maintenance Professionals in the area can help you with completing your emergency or large repairs immediately.


At Green Ocean Property Management, we respond to any of your emergency and maintenance requests immediately. We offer 24/7 Maintenance Services. We make our process simple and we make sure you can easily contact us. We have a team you or your tenant can reach via email or phone to submit requests to, and then we will send our reliable workers to address your concern. We do this to ensure that we will offer the best resolution and repair or replace any system within your expected time frame. 


 As part of our innovation, we have updated the way we handle maintenance requests using a system called Property Meld. This is no cost to our landlords and improves their ability to see what’s happening with their properties.


If you are a property owner with Green Ocean Property Management, you’ll be able to receive updates on maintenance requests, chat directly with your property manager, and more! Property Meld is 100% free for you.


Green Ocean Property Management has already entered your information in the system. When a tenant requests maintenance at a property you own, you will receive an email notification. You will also be notified when maintenance is scheduled, and when the work is completed. Finally, should the property manager need to contact you for any reason, you will receive an email you can securely respond to (or if you wish, a text message!)


In our 40 years in the business, we are able to innovate a systematic approach in taking care of your property. We have built a strong relationship with our clients because of this. We send out the best local service providers who have years of experience. They work with our property managers and maintenance coordinators to ensure the properties are in their top shape. We address any maintenance requests promptly. They are trusted in the field and you have the assurance that you get your money’s worth.


We offer a Bi-Annual Inspection. Routine inspections are essential in running your rental property business smoothly. Our comprehensive reports consist of a formal statement with photos and videos that describes the current condition of your property,  reports for any glaring issues and scheduling approved repairs on the report. We offer a Full Management Service Solution, we will take care of all the services and repairs that are needed to be done. 


We offer the best solution and at the same time stick with your budget. To learn more about our emergency repair services, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and maintenance services, you may reach us at hello@grennoceanpm.com or call 617-487-4868. You may also visit our office at 268 Centre St Newton MA 02458.


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