Why Everyone Wants to Start Earning by being a Landlord

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Table of Contents Becoming a landlord is not something you decide on a whim. What Do Landlords Try to AccomplishComply with the LawGet Long-term TenantsProtect their Rental PropertyManage their Property EfficientlyMaintain the Success Fears of a LandlordSome of the fears and setbacks a landlord’s face are:FailureUnexpected Property Issues and ExpensesTenant Behavior Changes in the Market Conclusion Becoming a landlord…

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Becoming a landlord is not something you decide on a whim. 

Investing in a rental property is very inviting as it promises financial freedom if handled effectively.  Having a rental property offers a steady passive income. 

Sometimes, becoming a landlord is a title someone can be proud of.

The value of the properties appreciates every year. There are areas wherein the population gets bigger every year and the demand for rental properties is higher. 

Although investing in a rental property can be quite expensive, your income can be stable and you get your ROI faster than other businesses. 

If the rental fee is good, the business is doing great and it is enough for the landlord, then they don’t have to work. 

Their rental property business can be the main source of a landlord’s monthly income.

However, the work of a landlord is not your ordinary 9 to 5 job. As a landlord, flexibility, and adaptability to any situation and change as a lot of incidents that may unexpectedly occur while managing your rental property.


What Do Landlords Try to Accomplish

Landlords want to win the market. Every landlord’s goal is to have a successful rental property business. 

You don’t automatically become a landlord just because you have a property you want to rent out. You have to know the basics of running a rental property and do legal work.

To be a Landlord, one must:

Comply with the Law

It is important to know the rental laws in your area and be able to secure proper approvals and licenses. 

Research about the Federal Fair Housing Act. You need to know this so you can run your business smoothly. This requires a ton of effort as you have to go through the application process and registration of your rental property. 

Have your property inspected and do the required works so your property is compliant with the law and Safety code. Your rental property business may be put on hold if you fail to comply with the law.

Get Long-term Tenants

The key to a landlord to become successful is to have a reliable and established tenant. Unfortunately, some renters will do anything, they can even lie to you just so they can have roofs over their heads. That’s why a complete and thorough Tenant Screening process is essential. 

You can weed out potential bad renters by doing background checks. Of course, keep in mind the Federal Fair Housing Act when doing the tenant screening process. Be fair to all and have a standard tenant screening process. 

It is crucial to do a thorough tenant screening process. This is an important step to make sure you are only welcoming trusted and reliable tenants for your rental property. 

Protect their Rental Property

Getting insurance for your rental property is also necessary. 

What you don’t want is paying excessive bills for any unexpected maintenance tasks and liabilities in your property. You are sure that whatever happens to your property, you have insurance you can rely on. 

Depending on what type of insurance policy you signed up with, you are assured you will get a check for any insurance claims.

If you have insurance, your property is protected against any unforeseen circumstances and your income is secured. 

Being prepared for any unforeseen situations can ease your worries. Landlords who have insurance can have peace of mind. Once a catastrophe strikes within their property, they have insurance they can rely on. 


Manage their Property Efficiently

Being a landlord is not easy. 

There will be a lot of hurdles and obstacles you have to face every day. A landlord doesn’t only collect rental fees monthly. They are responsible and liable for whatever may happen to their property and their tenants. 

Getting a Property Management Company to help you run your business gives you more time and freedom for yourself. 

Some landlords also have a day job and juggling between their work and being a landlord can be a lot to handle. 

They can help with any tenant-related concerns and be responsible for maintaining the property and doing the legal work for you.


Maintain the Success 

This is what every landlord wants. Sustain the rental property business’s success. 

Be able to reap all the fruits of working hard in maintaining and managing the property effectively. Be able to maximize the value of the property and have a steady flow of income. 

After all, that’s what anyone who goes into business wants, have financial freedom and be able to expand their business more.


Fears of a Landlord

You are not only running a rental property business but also providing quality housing to your tenants. As a landlord, you should also think in your tenant’s perspective. 

Do you think your rental property is good enough? 

If you were the tenant, do you think the rental fee is worth the value of the property? 

Are you the type of landlord that takes care of your rental property and tenants properly?

Self-reflection to assess if you are doing well as a landlord can cause anxieties too.

Some of the fears and setbacks a landlord’s face are:


The biggest fear of every landlord or every business person in general is, “What if their business fails?”. 

Not having enough income every month, having more liabilities than assets. That’s what a landlord fears the most. 

Being a landlord is not easy and it takes experience and knowledge to know how to drive your rental property business to prosper. And there can be many reasons to cause a business to fail. 

Have a strong mentality for you to go through every struggle of running your rental property business. Some landlords end up shutting down their business thinking they are not cut out for the job. 

Unexpected Property Issues and Expenses

Even a seasoned landlord loaded with years of experience still gets troubles dealing with issues in their property. 

Unexpected situations such as leaking in the bathroom or kitchen, HVAC not functioning, even a simple replacement of light bulbs. Little things can still cause trouble even if you think you are ready for it yourself. 

Any unexpected expenses is a loss of income.

Landlords should always be prepared. Get property insurance, do maintenance inspections, have a reliable property management company who can do the maintenance tasks for you. Ensure you have enough emergency funds to cover for any unforeseen circumstances.


Tenant Behavior 

Building a good reputation as a landlord is very important. Some tenants also do their background checks with their future landlords. You may lose potential tenants if they hear that you had a tenant who has something negative to say about you.

Landlords need to always keep their tenants checked from time to time. Tenants can be unpredictable. Some tenants pay their rent late, cause trouble within your property or in the neighborhood, may break your rules or worse, disappear without any notice. 


Changes in the Market 

Rental property business changes often. Common mistakes of landlords are that they don’t familiarize themselves with what is the current trend and don’t do any home improvements. They lose tenants just because of an outdated property. Even if the property is well maintained, if tenants are not attracted or even interested, your efforts are wasted.

Landlords have to know and keep up on current trends to face the ever-changing trends in the market. The demand for the rental property business is high, there are fierce competitors in the market and you always have to stay relevant.



Landlords want success. To do that, they must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to manage their rental property business. 

They have to know the rental laws in their city, get established and trusted tenants, be able to protect their property and sustain the success of their business. 

Every landlord’s goal is to have a steady flow of income and reach financial freedom.

A landlord’s nightmare consists of unexpected circumstances that may affect their rental property business, their tenant’s behavior that can impact future tenants,  having to cope with market trends and standards and ultimately for their rental property business to fail.

For a surefire way to succeed in the rental property business, do as much planning and research as needed. 

Have a checklist of tasks you have to accomplish, information and things you need to be aware of before getting into the rental property business. 

Know your capacity. 

If you know you cannot handle the business yourself, then get all the help you need. Seek assistance and guidance from a reputable Property Management Company.

Hiring a credible and trusted Property Management Company who also has the same goals as you can help you achieve success.

If you need dependable and credible property management you can trust, give us a call!

Green Ocean Property Management has been in the industry for over 40 years. We are managing hundreds of properties. Our clients entrust their investment to us because they know they can trust us to take care of their property.

We only provide the highest level of care and treat each property as our own. Your property will be safe with us!

 Reach us at hello@greenoceanpm.com or call 617-487-4868. You may also visit our office at 268 Centre St Newton MA 02458.



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