7 Tips to Achieve Great Results in Managing a Property

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How much time do you exactly need in managing a property and why a part-time property manager is a bad idea? Learn how effective time management is essential to every property manager. Managing a property is very time-consuming. For a first-timer landlord, there are a lot of issues they may encounter that may question their…

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How much time do you exactly need in managing a property and why a part-time property manager is a bad idea? Learn how effective time management is essential to every property manager.

Managing a property is very time-consuming. For a first-timer landlord, there are a lot of issues they may encounter that may question their decision in entering the rental property business. 

Having a property manager is the solution to get the peace of mind they are looking for.

A property manager understands how to manage properties the right way. Many say that it is very laborious, which is true. Being a property manager is not your normal 9-5 job. 

There are many things a property manager does within the day and even at night when emergencies arise. Some tasks may seem repetitive every day and some cause stress and burnout.


Tasks of a Property Manager

The tasks of a property manager include a vast list of duties and responsibilities. They oversee the daily operations of every assigned property to them. 

The tasks may include property maintenance and repairs, filling in vacancies, tenant screening, collecting rent, being knowledgeable about the Landlord-Tenant laws, managing budgets and keeping the property’s financial records.

The most important task is customer service. Above all else, providing excellent customer service should be the utmost priority of a property manager.


Property Management is a full-time job

Sometimes, the job of a property manager doesn’t end after he clocks out of the office. There are those relentless phone calls, emails, and text messages from tenants and even landlords after hours. 

They may reach out to the property manager because they have an emergency like the key might be missing, there is a leak on the toilet, a repair is needed and so on.

Managing a property is continuous and may often feel neverending. However, an expert property manager knows that being in control is the key to be efficient.

Will a part-time property manager be effective? It might be difficult to fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of a property manager if they are only working part-time. There may be tasks left out and more mistakes made if a property manager is working in a very limited time.


How can a Property Manager effectively manage their time?

Stop all interruptions

Any tasks can be completed if done uninterrupted. If you know what to focus on and what is your agenda for the day, you will be able to manage your time wisely.

Avoid interruptions such as:

  • Unnecessary phone use
  • Office chitchats
  • Losing control of your agenda
  • Too much PC pop-ups


Other Property Managers work from home therefore they avoid any office interruptions and get more work done. Either way, one solution is to put a notice that you should not be interrupted on your office door or desk.

If you can stop all the interruptions at work, you get all your work done. You get good speed with completing your tasks and minimizes mistakes if you have a complete focus on your work.


Property Management is all about control. If you lose control over your agenda, it becomes a source of stress. To make sure you always take control, a Property Manager must:

  • Control messages coming in, let people know your schedule and when you can get back to them. Send them a text message or an email to let them know when you are available to answer their queries.


  • Set proper expectations for tenants and property owners. You have your schedule to follow too. Tenants and property owners may assume that their situation is always urgent, that is why it is important to take control, have quality customer service and politely assure them you can get back to them to find a solution to their concern.


  • If dealing with an emergency repair request, let your tenants know what your process is and assure them that their request will be done in a timely fashion.


Provide an achievable timeline

Do not make a promise you cannot keep. A property manager knows that every tenant and landlord has high expectations of them. Whenever there are repairs requested, scheduled appointments, phone calls you promised to return at a certain time, make sure you deliver. Keeping their trust in you is very important.


Learn to say NO

Do not take on other people’s issues. A good property manager is someone who has control and can say no if it is not part of their job or something they should not take on. Still, be polite but be tough on saying NO.



Having the right mindset every time you come in for work is very important. Set a goal every day, know what are the tasks you have to accomplish, fix your schedule and put your undivided attention in completing all your work.

Set what you believe is true to you, set your mindset and your actions will come through.


Record all tasks to be done

Do not start your day without a daily list of your agenda. One task forgotten can ruin your work. Do not compromise your tasks and know what you have to get done right now. Only worry about what is happening right now.



Being able to focus solely on your work helps you finish your tasks faster. If you can, don’t stop any tasks, finish them on one sitting. You get slower and increase the chances of committing mistakes if you get interruptions while doing your work.

Focus gives you accuracy and helps you see properly. You increase your productivity if you focus on your tasks.

Interruptions often create mistakes, and it may take time for you to fix those mistakes. Due to time constraints, there is a possibility that stress can get in the way of fixing those mistakes.

Take a break if you need to. Relax and power your brain so you can have more focus when you come back to work.



In conclusion, being a property manager means you have to be an expert in time management. To get all your tasks done within the day, you have to focus, know all your agenda, and be productive.

Hiring full time or a part-time property manager is a choice. Either way, they should be able to complete all their tasks and finish them with accuracy and few mistakes as much as possible.

If you are a property owner who is looking for a property manager, make sure that you also check the person’s attitude and behavior towards work. Check if they can answer your questions on time, return your phone calls, messages, and emails. 


You need a responsible person who is quick-witted and detail-oriented to handle your investment. Being able to manage their time wisely, finish all their tasks and deliver to their set timeline is a good indication that they can effectively and efficiently manage your property. Make sure you research properly and pick the right person to look after your investment.

With Green Ocean Property Management, our Property Managers understand the importance of customer service in fulfilling all their tasks. Our number one priority is to be able to provide a high level of care to our tenants and clients. 

They are reliable and can live up to every landlord’s expectations. We offer full management services that will ensure the growth of your investment and provide you peace of mind. Property managers play an important role in the success of every rental property investment and with us, your success is secured.


Book a free consultation! Reach us at  hello@greenoceanpm.com or call 617-487-4868. You may also visit our office at 268 Centre St Newton MA 02458.


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