Heat and AC Zones Guide: Why Having Multiple Zones Benefit the Tenants

May 11, 2021

In a rental property with multiple rooms, a zoned home is a must as different family members have different comfort levels. Here’s  Green Ocean’s Heat and AC Zone Guide to familiarize yourself with the benefits of having multiple zones. What is a zone?   A zone is a different section of the actual building that…


Lower your Liabilities with Proactive Maintenance Planning

April 9, 2021

    As a landlord, planning ways on how to reduce your liability and preventing any accidents and injuries to your tenants are necessary. You need to learn how to lower your liabilities with Proactive Maintenance Planning. Here’s how.   Think Proactive   The best solution for every landlord is to have a proactive approach…


Roof Maintenance Tips that you Need to Know

April 7, 2021

  Aside from in-house problems and issues, there also other issues that occur outside of your home – your roof specifically. In this article, we will be discussing some of the roof maintenance tips that you should know.     If there is a hole in your roof and your shingles aren’t that old, but…


How to Avoid Ice Build Up on Roof Gutters

April 1, 2021

  Maintaining a property is not a one-day job where you will just wipe the windows or mop the floors to avoid dirt accumulation. Landlords, property managers, and tenants should work hand in hand to make sure that the property has a good curb appeal and is maintained well.   In property maintenance, cleaning of…


Where to Place Fire and Carbon Detectors

March 26, 2021

    Safety is the utmost concern when it comes to both your property and our residents. One of the biggest things that we have to make sure is that we take care of it. And we comply with the smoking carbon detector requirements in the city.    What we’re going to do is we…


Is Emergency Light Testing Required?

February 22, 2021

    With every single commercial building, whether it’s in a condo association, bigger commercial buildings, or even on multi-family homes, there is emergency lighting.   Did you know that emergency lighting has batteries? Sometimes, they are also hardwired but there are batteries within the lights and they have to be tested all the time. When…


5 Most Affordable Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

February 16, 2021

  In today’s article,  we’re going to be talking about the best and easiest and most affordable ways to increase the curb appeal of your property.   Prospective renters or even your current renters come to the property and they feel like they’re at home and they want to pay more money and more rent…

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5 Easy Steps to Prepare your Property for Winer and Fall

February 4, 2021

In today’s article, we are going to be covering the top 5 things that we do as a property management company, to prepare for both fall and winter in Boston. It gets very cold this time of year so we’re always worried about a lot of these things.    OUR PREPARATION PROCESS   #1 Test…


The Truth About Hot Water Tank Warranties

January 26, 2021

  When you purchase a hot water tank they’re going to give you options of 6, 10, 12 years, typically at 6 or 10, and the price incremental isn’t that big, $100 or maybe $250 most, but it is something to consider. A lot of our landlords go, “Wow, if I can get an additional…


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