How to Sight a Good Property Manager

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  In today’s article,  we are going to be covering one of the most elementary but most important questions that we always get: What is property management and what does a property manager do?   Table of Contents Everything about Property ManagementThey collect rent manually and electronicallyThey handle maintenanceThey handle your financesThey are proactive Everything…



In today’s article,  we are going to be covering one of the most elementary but most important questions that we always get: What is property management and what does a property manager do?


Everything about Property Management


They collect rent manually and electronically



Everything related to a property. What does that mean? There are property managers out there that do a lot less than that. Maybe they just collect the rent and give them to you. Maybe they don’t even do that and you collect the rent directly because it’s so easy to do it electronically


They handle maintenance



Again, another thing that you potentially could be paying them for and they’re not doing it for you. Are they handling the maintenance? What does that mean? Are they just taking in calls and then scoping it out and sending it out to someone else? Not checking that it actually gets done right. Not knowing what work is being done. Are they not solving issues? 


We do all the issues from problem solving to make sure the vendor does it correctly, to get approval of it, to communicating with the tenants. These are the types of situations where you can do things to a different degree.


A good property manager will help take care of all those issues so you don’t have to. right and It’s one of these type of things. We do it at such a high level degree because we don’t want to have to do things the second time either. You’re going to have things such as that.


They handle your finances



You’re going to have financials that we do budget and actual reporting. We’re going to be able to help you create a budget to see if you can stay with it.


We are going to give you those reports to see and let you know how they’re doing. It isn’t just a collection of rent and paying bills. It gives a higher sense of how profitable you are and where we can save you money. That leads us to our next thing of just being proactive.


They are proactive



We have a lot of proactive maintenance plans from things like gutter cleanings to power washing the water leak, testing that again just to avoid issues in the future before they happen. Like changing thermostat batteries or servicing of heating systems. The things that a lot of landlords do are smaller property manager companies that just being reactive when something breaks and then will fix it, that gets actually more expensive.


In addition, your tenants have to deal with these issues, they’re unhappy about it, and when they’re unhappy they might not pay the rent and you’re going to be unhappy. We try to be proactive in that sense as well.

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