4 Main Benefits of Proactive Maintenance Plan

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Performing property inspections and maintenance is a necessity.  If you fail to do them, it may cause a lot of trouble and can be very expensive.  You may think there may be some items in your property that can be put off for a later time, however, being proactive and staying ahead of maintenance instead…

proactive maintenance

Performing property inspections and maintenance is a necessity.  If you fail to do them, it may cause a lot of trouble and can be very expensive. 

You may think there may be some items in your property that can be put off for a later time, however, being proactive and staying ahead of maintenance instead of waiting for something to break brings financial benefits. 

Having a Proactive Maintenance Plan helps you with what you need to prioritize. It guides you on what you need to repair right away and what you can put a temporary fix first. 

Proactive Maintenance planning helps you with your budget too. 

As a landlord, you want to secure your monthly income and lower your expenses as much as possible.  It may be difficult if there are unexpected repairs and you don’t have enough emergency funds to cover for it. 

If you have planned maintenance, the budget is secured. You also prevent any damages from getting bigger and making it more expensive. 


What is a Proactive Maintenance

Picking up on a problem initially before it even starts. 

Proactive Maintenance is avoiding any large scale repairs and damages by doing preventive methods. It focuses on what needs attention either now or soon. 

Check anything that may leak such as windows, doors, weather stripping, and plumbings. Look for potential safety issues and potential fire hazards. A check-up with your tenant if they are following your rules and regulations, things that may be a potential problem in the future. 

Anything in the property that may cause huge damage in the future and can be costly but can be prevented through proactive maintenance.

This is a positive point from a tenant’s point of view. You are telling them you are ahead of the game. It is an assurance that the property is always in its best condition.

It will cost you a little bit of money by doing the maintenance but addressing any small issues ahead of time will save you more money and save you any emergency expense that may happen.


Benefits of Proactive Maintenance Plan


Your insurance is the first thing that comes to your mind if any incidents happen in your property. 

Situations like a tenant slipping down the stairs because the steps cracked or the roof has leaks due to the typhoon. 

However, if you are not able to prove that your property is well-maintained and is in good condition, your insurance may not approve your claim. If the insurance rejects your claim, the landlord covers all the liabilities and repairs, which can be very expensive. 

Doing proactive maintenance to ensure that your property has no damages prevents any emergency requests, injuries or accidents. 

This serves as your protection and proof that you take of care your property. So if you file a claim and provide a supporting document to prove that you do routine inspections and proactive maintenance, you meet your insurance company’s requirements and get approved for a claim.


Increases value of the property

When you do proactive property maintenance, the value of your property rises. 

Since you provide improvements in your home, like window replacement or an upgrade, foundation repair, adding a sprinkler system, fence or retaining the wall, it adds up to the value of your property. If the value of your property rises, it is easier for you to increase your rental fees. More tenants will take interest in your property too if they see it is well maintained. 

Doing in proactive maintenance to your property’s exteriors like the roof, siding, paint, and landscaping can influence your neighbors to do the same, hence, the market value of the properties in your area can rise too. 


Reduced Tenant Complaints

It is very stressful when you get an unexpected call at 2 in the morning from your tenant complaining about a light bulb going out or a leak in the bathroom. 

You look for a service provider who can fix it and make sure it is done on time and have to cover the expenses for the repairs. 

When you do regular proactive maintenance, you prevent all these things from happening. You can spot and predict future issues that may arise and have it fixed right away. 

By doing the maintenance, you can check if all the light bulbs are still working or if the toilet bowl is tightly screwed. 

You avoid having any future issues in your property and emergency calls from your tenants.


Save Money

Proactive Maintenance can cost you especially if there are a couple of damage in your property that needs to be addressed right away. 

However, every penny is worth it. It is better to spend a $100 replacement pipe than to spend $30,000 on replacing the whole flooring because of a leaking pipe. 

As a landlord, it is better to stay ahead of doing maintenance rather than waiting for something to break and be larger damage. 

The bigger the damage, the more expensive it is for you. 

You want to prevent that from happening and the solution is to do proactive maintenance. 

Regular maintenance preserves your property and lowers your expenses for any emergency requests.

Your property is your asset and you want to protect it at all costs. 

Having a regular proactive maintenance plan prevents any damages, liabilities and unexpected expenses. Property maintenance is necessary but most landlords may overlook it. 

It is always better to think ahead instead of waiting for anything to break and then fixing it.


Do you need help in planning a Proactive Maintenance? 

Green Ocean Property Management encourages property owners to have a proactive maintenance plan. 

We understand the need for security and protection of our property owners. 

One of the biggest fears of any landlord is expensive repairs and maintenance fees. 

Our property managers work with every property owner to come up with a proactive maintenance plan for their properties. 

We offer bi-annual routine inspections and maintenance to ensure your property is at its best. 

Green Ocean Property Management has strong relationships with the best local service providers to conduct inspections and maintenance. 

We ensure quality work and your money’s worth.

Let us help you. Give us a call or send us an email.


Reach us at hello@greenoceanpm.com or call 617-487-4868. You may also visit our office at 268 Centre St Newton MA 02458.


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