Process of Getting Curb Cut and Driveway Explained

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    It’s not always possible to get a curb cut and a driveway at your property. With every single property you might not have the land or the ability to be able to do so. However, if you do have this, we’re going to explain the process that we go through. We’ve helped out…




It’s not always possible to get a curb cut and a driveway at your property. With every single property you might not have the land or the ability to be able to do so. However, if you do have this, we’re going to explain the process that we go through. We’ve helped out many of landlords increase there parking or have the ability to have parking in general, which is a huge selling point with your tenants or can potentially make you more money.


The Process


#1 Submit paperwork, plans, and request



You’re going to go down to the city and you’re going to see and talk to them and submit paperwork and plans and requests to be able to actually get this curb cut. They’re going to have a process that you can follow and many times you might want to work with a contractor that has done this before, or even an attorney, zoning attorneys are great. We have ones that are fantastic that can help you get through this process.


As a general contractor and property manager, Jarrett has done this both for myself and other landlords that we manage for.


#2 Talk to them and contact a surveyor or architect



After we’ve gone to the municipality, we talk to them about what’s needed to grow out the plan. Sometimes what you’ll need is a surveyor or architect to be able to measure it out to submit these plans into the town or city.


#3 Submit all the needed documents and start the cut



Once you have the application process along with these plans and surveys you’re going to submit it in and if they approve it, you’re going to have that contractor go ahead schedule, usually a police detail and bring their equipment to do the curb cut.


#4 Coordinate with a paving company



Once the curb got done, you might have to have a paving company come in and make everything look great. You have to watch obviously the season in which you do that, because maybe it’s harder than the winter time to be able to get this done.


What will happen if you are denied?


If you are denied, this happened many times, when there are neighbors that might not like you or is just very tough and there’s a certain regulations, what you’ll have to do is go through the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), and what that means is that you’re going to go in front of a board you’re going to plead your case, and most importantly, prior to that, you’re going to get signatures of support from neighbors.


We’ve gone and gotten hundreds of signatures in the past and then what ends up happening is that you’re going to have a public hearing where anybody can come ask questions, fight against you, support you, and at that time what will end up happening is that, you will then potentially find out from the ZBA after whether you’ve gotten approved for that curb cutter or not.


If you’re turned down again, you can keep going and try to fight as or you can again, just get your approval which is the best case scenario and then you have it and then you’ll go through that process that we mentioned previously.


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