Green Ocean’s Pet Application Process

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  At Great Ocean Property Management, we love pets. However, we have to make sure that if any of our landlords or properties allow animals, they go through a rigorous process.  Interested to know the process? Read on!   Table of Contents Submission of FormsSubmission of PicturesPaying of Pet Monthly FeePaying of Damages Submission of…



At Great Ocean Property Management, we love pets. However, we have to make sure that if any of our landlords or properties allow animals, they go through a rigorous process.  Interested to know the process? Read on!


Submission of Forms



The tenants typically submit an application online containing information about their pet. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or a reptile, it doesn’t matter. Every single animal should be approved by us.


We actually have cool little tags that say it’s pet-approved. We ask that any animal that’s approved through our program to wear it. So when we do inspections inside the unit, we know that it’s an approved animal.

A tenant will submit any type of pet records, such as veterinarian visits, vaccines, or any other documentation that would help the approval of their animal.


Submission of Pictures



We want to be able to see what the animal looks like. Our team would like to know what type of animal is going to be living on the property. We have a set of criteria that they must fit as well. Our online software that they submit the information form will automatically grade the animals based upon different criteria that we predetermined.


In addition, you need to check your home insurance or apartment insurance. If it’s a condo, the building rules and regulations for animals are a different process from ours. We don’t want to be breaking any of those rules.


Technically, landlords in Massachusetts can’t ask for documentation as proof. However, this letter is typically provided by the tenant beforehand to avoid discrimination. If a tenant has this letter, we can’t deny them even if the rules and regulation states otherwise. You have to be careful about this to make sure that we’re following all the rules and don’t get into trouble.


Paying of Pet Monthly Fee



The positive aspect of having a pet within your home allows us to do a pet monthly fee, so we charge an additional amount to the residence for each animal that’s approved. This is money that is additional income into your pocket.


Some landlords have asked us, “Well, can you charge an application fee? Can you charge a pet security deposit?” In Massachusetts, you can only charge the first month, last month, security, and a key change fee. You can’t add anything more than that. Those are equivalent to one month rent and the key change is usually a reasonable sum.


Paying of Damages




If there are any damages due to the pets, it’s treated the same way as any other damage made in the property. Again during our inspections each year, we mark those damages and notify the tenant. And if necessary, make those repairs during the year.

Our leases will also cover pets, stating that if we do approve, we have to give it in writing and that approval can be revoked at any point if there are any issues of disturbances. In addition, if there are any types of fines or regulations that need to be met or paid as a result of the animal in a condo association, we will make sure it gets charged back to the tenant and that they’re going to be responsible for it.


So again that’s an overview of our pet application process. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.


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